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*Always detangle your hair before washing as it helps to keep hair in good condition.


*Always wash hair in an upright position and not with 'very' hot water.- Again this helps to keep the hair detangled and the hot water can make    the bonds 'tacky' resulting in loss of extension hair/ matted bonds.


* Do not rub your hair with shampoo or a towel, squeeze

   instead- as this helps to keep the hair silky soft and tangle free.


*When using conditioner/ conditioning treatments/ heat/wax or

   oils only apply to the ends of the hair, not the roots/ bonds as

   these will encourage the bonds to slide out of the hair.


*Do not leave hair to dry as the bonds stay wet for longer and this encourages them to

  slide out of the hair. It also affects the softness of the hair.


A heat protective spray is recommended when blow drying/

  straightening/ curling.


*You should always try to attend your recommended 6 weekly/ 3monthly

   maintenance appointments.


*Tie hair up while in bed as this helps to keep it silky soft and tangle free.


*I recommend not to colour/ perm the extensions however many of my clients have

  successfully coloured theirs.


*Do not remove extensions by yoursel as this can damage your natural hair.


*Only use a bristle type brush on your bonds.


*Regularly separate your bonds to prevent them from tangling.


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